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Vie de l’Association

De la part du Président / From the President
Dear Colleagues,
This year the Association has continued a gradual process of adopting
electronic technologies. As I explained in my message last year, the Bulletin is now
being published in an electronic format (pdf) in order to reduce the costs associated
with mailing printed copies. The cost of printing and mailing the Bulletin has for the
most part been borne by Brepols Publishers. Since charges for postage have increased
enormously in recent years, we must seek ways to reduce these costs. A printed copy of
the Bulletin will still be sent to members who request one, but we are trusting that most
members will find the electronic version as useful as the printed version. As well, this
year we have launched a system whereby members pay their annual dues directly to the
Treasurer of the Association by means of PayPal. We have done this in part to make it
easier for the Treasurer to keep track of dues paid by members of the Association and
in part to make it easier for members in various parts of the world, particularly outside
of Europe, to pay their dues to the Association. We have tried to make these changes
as smoothly as possible, though we recognize that it may take a bit of time for us all to
become accustomed to them.
In addition, the Executive has reflected on ways the Association can be of
service to its members within the limits of the revenues obtained through its dues.
In our reflections we have benefited greatly from information provided by National
Correspondents in Eastern and Central Europe and in Latin America to our two
Vice-Presidents, Lenka Karfíková and Patricia Ciner. Professor Karfíková’s report is
published in this issue of the Bulletin. In the case of Latin America, the Executive was
able to meet with the National Correspondents in the context of the Second International
Conference on Patristic Studies/First Meeting on Patristic Studies in Ibero-America
held in San Juan, Argentina, in March 2017. One idea that we will be pursuing in the
coming year is to gather information on existing working groups in specific areas of
research and to post this information (name, short description, primary contact) on
a separate page on the Association’s website. We hope this will enable members with
similar interests to contact one another and develop their research programs.
As always, I wish to thank the Executive and the National Correspondents for
their ongoing work for the Association. In addition to the work of the Vice-Presidents
already mentioned, the Secretary, Marco Rizzi, has once more compiled the Bulletin
with the help of Dr Paolo Bernardini, and the Treasurer, Anders-Christian Jacobsen,
has attended to financial matters with the assistance of Dr Birgitte Bøgh. I am also
grateful to the National Correspondents for responding to various queries over the
past year as we have moved to adopt a new system of payment.
The Executive had the good fortune this year to meet in Argentina in the context
of the conference held in San Juan. I wish to acknowledge the generous hospitality
of our hosts, the Universidad Católica de Cuyo and the Facultad de Filosofía
y Humanidades in that university. The Dean of the Faculty was extraordinarily
attentive to us, as were the organizers of the conference, Professor Ciner and her
collaborators. The occasion was made all the more remarkable by the presence of two
former Presidents of the Association, Angelo Di Berardino and Carol Harrison, and
one former Secretary, Lorenzo Perrone. I am also grateful to the institutions of three
members of the Executive for covering costs of travel to the meeting: the Università
Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Aarhus Universitet, and the Faculty of Arts of
the University of Ottawa.

Theodore de Bruyn




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